How To Fix Low Microphone Volume on Xolo A500S - 5 Easy Steps

December 29, 2014


Many Xolo A500S users often complain about the low volume microphone on their device. If you're among these frustrated users, then here is a volume enhancement solution that might please you.

This method has been tested on more than 12 Xolo A500S units. 9 out of 12 phones have experienced significant improvement in microphone volume of the device.

Requirements : 

1. Xolo A500S, the device itself.
2. Patience and Brain.

Warning : We are not responsible for any damage done to the device.though there might not be any such damage if you follow the instructions properly.

Follow our 5 easy steps to fix low microphone volume on Xolo A500s.

Instructions : 

1. Open Phone Dialer and enter *#*#3646633#*#*.
By entering this you will enter 'Engineer Mode' of the device.

Note : "Misconfiguration in engineer mode can cause damage"

2. Swipe sideways and you'll find 'Hardware Testing' tab. Tap 'Audio' and then tap 'Normal Mode'.
This will open 'Audio_ModeSetting'.

3. In the 'Type' field the default setting is set to 'Sip'. Tap and select 'Mic'

4. On the Level field, Select 'Level 6' and change the 'value' to 255.

TIP : If the microphone is too noisy then try reducing to the value to 200 or something below 255. This will reduce the distortion.

5. Tap 'Set' which is adjacent to 'Value' and then Reboot the device.

TIP : Sometimes this setting is not saved, You might have to do this more than once.

Voila! Test the microphone volume now, it will be increased by atleast 40%.

Do leave a comment below if this short tutorial worked for you. We appreciate your feedback.

Stay tuned on Gadgetius for more upcoming tutorials and how-to guides.

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  1. it does not working. I tried it many times.

  2. It worked for me. Very much thank you friend.

  3. these settings are not getting saved. as soon as you reboot the settings go back to the factory settings and how many times you repeat the process the new settings never get saved.

  4. bro .its not getting saves

  5. it worked for me once but after 2 momths it came back to its default settings. now i have tried to this process several times but it just don't work now after rebooting all custom settings are lost. help me i don't want to go in their service centers

  6. it worked for me.....thanks a lot...:-)

  7. i have a problem....xolo a500s lite phone......whenever call comes ...sometimes phone only vibrate but no ringtone...
    can anyone help me out of this problem???