How to Play Road Rash on Android - The Easy Way

December 30, 2014

How to Play Road Rash on Android
Road Rash is one of the most popular games of the history. It is also one of the most highest selling games of the late 90's. I've been waiting for an official port of Road Rash to release for Android or iOS. Unfortunately it's not officially available yet for android or iOS, atleast not at the time of writing this article. Fortunately on Android, road rash is playable using a playstation one  emulator.

Note : For this to work you need to purchase a PAID App and it's totally worth it. Please stop piracy and support app developers.

What you will need :

1. An android smartphone or tablet.

2. ePSXe for Android. This is the emulator to run the game. get it from playstore here (Paid App)

3. Download Road Rash ISO/BIN file also known as ROM from Here. Rom File size is around 496mb.

4. Download Playstation 1 BIOS link from here

You might have to extract files after downloading. To Extract files on your android device use Z archiver app.

if you downloaded files on your computer then Move All 3 files to your Android device then follow the steps ahead.

Let's Race! :

1. Install ePSXe for android through playstore.

2. Open ePSXe app and tap on 'Run bios' and then navigate to the bios file which you downloaded earlier. (You don't have to run bios every single time.)

3. Now tap on 'Run Game' and navigate to the location where you have the ISO/Rom file.

4. You will  be greeted with the Playstation one welcome screen and logo and then the game will automatically start like it did on the legendary playstation one. Sit back and enjoy the retro racing game.

TIP : You can also run other Playstation one games on android using ePSXe and this same procedure. You just have to download the rom file of the game.

If you face any issues drop them in the comment section we will be more than happy to assist you with the problems.

We love Road Rash. Do you? leave your valuable comments down below!

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  1. #BestInTheWorld24 May 2015 at 07:08

    Thank you! I just love this classic game...

  2. file is not extracted ...............

  3. Awesome Game 100% workson my android phone. Road Rash on my Android Device. Thanks. Bro

  4. Awesome Game 100% works on my android phone. Road Rash on my Android Device. Thanks. Bro



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  5. Hello Admin please upload Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 For Android . Please Admin upload NFSHP2 For Android

  6. You need To Extract the Roadrash ISO BIOS File by Z Archive app given in the link below and also you can download and install the file from That Its Bigat . I Have downloaded the ISO BIOS and Z Archive app and then I have extracted the game with ES File Explorer app . And the Game works fine in my Android Device . You can also download the app called ePSXe for Android. The Link is You need this app for playing the game. That It.

  7. This is the link of the game to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 on android

  8. Awesome Work Thanks Hassan Elyas Thanks Hassan Elyas Works Great on my Android Device With ePSXe Emulator Thanks Hassan Elyas .

  9. Abhinav Saraogi11 March 2016 at 13:22

    how to play multiplayer in roadrash in epsxe

  10. I love this game . I have played this game on Windows XP earlier When I was a child

  11. For me the road rash zip isnt working it usnt extracting,any solutions?

  12. Im unable to download bios grom ur link wjat can i do